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Linkers, MOFs Ligands and POSS

We offer a wide range of phosphorus, syllilated and heterocyclic compounds. Explore our catalogue to discover all our reagents.

Nitrogen Linkers
Discover our range of building blocks containing at least one nitrogen atom.
Silicon Linkers
Discover over 100 linkers containing at least one silicon atom.
Phosphorus Linkers
Discover over 150 linkers containing at least one phosphorus atom.
Sulfur Linkers
Discover our range of sulfonated lingands.
Discover over 40 linkers for your MOFs and COFs synthesis.
Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane - nanostructure chemical that bridges the gap between ceramic and organic materials. Discover our range of building...

Ready-to-use Solutions

To better assist your in your project, SiKÉMIA offer a range of ready-to-use solutions for different products, concentration and solvents.