The serious consequences of corrosion process create a problem of worldwide significance. In addition to our everyday encounters with this form of degradation, corrosion causes plant shutdowns, waste of valuable resources, loss or contamination of products, reduction in efficiency, costly maintenance, and expensive overdesign. When it comes to large objects, vehicles, or constructions, one can figure out easily how it can jeopardize safety and inhibit technological progress.

Anticorrosive : a review

Even if new materials are emerging to replace metallic parts in some areas, these types of materials are still unavoidable in various domains. Given this situation, corrosion protection is a major challenge for many companies and fields of technology. SiKÉMIA offers different solutions for corrosion prevention depending on your needs and constrains.


Thanks to functional molecules, SiKÉMIA can advise a ready-to-use solution which enables the formation of Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) on your metallic substrates. These SAMs are stable in time and under various conditions (e.g. humidity, acids, alkaline solutions, and low temperature) and prevent metallic surfaces from corrosion. Visit our Ready-to-use Solutions section to read about our offers on passivation solutions.

Facile passivation of solution-processed InZnO thin-film transistors by octadecylphosphonic acid self-assembled monolayers at room temperature

Various anticorrosive products contain Chrome VI compounds or derivatives because of the high performances they offer. Due to health concerns, these chemicals are progressively replaced to ensure the protection against oxidation. Our passivation solutions are totally chromium free.

See why is chromium-6 used in coatings?

Different metal profile isolated on white. 3d illustration
Close-up Of Rope Tied To Metal On Boat

Coating adhesion on metals

The use of a coating to isolate the metal from its environment allows to prevent the isolated parts from corrosion. In that case, a good adhesion on the surfaces to protect is mandatory. SiKÉMIA provide binders to enhance attachment between metallic substrates and a large panel of coatings, including epoxies, polyurethanes, and polyacrylates. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested by our adhesion promotors.

Handbook of Adhesives and Surface Preparation

Moreover, the versatile nature of our chemistry means that it can be used either as a discrete layer applied prior to the coating or as a component that is mixed in with a formulation.