SERVICES and r&d

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Functionalized surfaces

S’appuyant sur des technologies innovantes de fonctionnalisation de surfaces ainsi qu’un solide savoir-faire issu d’années de recherche, SiKEMIA offre un service d’externalisation de R&D sous forme de prestation de services dédiées à la modification de surface sur mesure afin de répondre aux attentes industrielles en termes d’applications et permettre de lever certains verrous technologiques.

Custom Solution

For an easier using, SiKÉMIA offers the possibility of preparing ready-to-use solutions. To complete our range of commercial solutions, our teams will prepare your custom solution with desired concentration and the adapted solvent.

With our custom solutions you will improve your efficiency and save time. Once prepared our solutions are traceable and certified and come with a comprehensive Certificate Of Analysis of the reference materials that are in.

Custom Sunthesis

After designing the organic synthetic route our scientist’s team will proceed to the production of the desired compound from starting materials and finally ship your product with the targeted purity level. Feel free to provide us any known literature methods and/or your own existing synthetic route, including experimental details. The more information you provide us with, the shorter the turnaround time and the more competitively priced the project will be.