Custom Solutions

We specialize in crafting ‘ready-to-use’ solutions, meticulously solubilizing chemical compounds in select solvents tailored to their solubility profiles and your precise specifications. Our commitment is to streamline your workflow, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in your research or production processes. Partner with us to transform your chemical challenges into seamless solutions.

Tailored Chemical Solutions for Efficiency

SiKÉMIA simplifies your laboratory and industrial processes with our “ready-to-use” custom solutions. Tailoring to your exact needs, we prepare solutions with the precise concentration and solvent required, ensuring you achieve optimal efficiency and time savings. Our solutions are not only convenient but also come with the assurance of traceability and a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis.

Adhering to strict legislation and stability standards, we provide alcoholic and aqueous formulations, with the exception of Silylated derivatives. Our team works in close partnership with you to select the appropriate concentration and solvent for your application, delivering these custom solutions in various sizes of PE bottles for ease of use and safety.

Choose SiKÉMIA for custom solutions that are as precise and reliable as your work demands, packaged to seamlessly fit into your workflow.

Our Custom Synthesis Process Service

  • 1. Consultation and Quotation

    Engage with the customer to understand their needs and provide a detailed quotation for the custom solution required.

  • 2. Material Selection and Compliance

    Select the appropriate chemical compounds and solvents, ensuring they meet safety standards and regulatory compliance.

  • 3. Solution Preparation

    Mix and dissolve the chemical compounds in the chosen solvent to the specified concentration in a controlled environment.

  • 4. Quality Control and Certification

    Perform quality checks to confirm the solution meets the required specifications and issue a Certificate of Analysis.

  • 5. Packaging and Documentation

    Package the solution in appropriate bottles with proper labeling and prepare all necessary documentation for traceability and safety.

  • 6. Delivery and Customer Support

    Deliver the custom solution to the customer and provide support for any further information or assistance required.

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