Bioconjugation on cube-octameric silsesquioxanes

Sebastian Fabritz, Sebastian Hörner, Olga Avrutina and Harald Kolmar. Abstract Small, compact, and highly symmetric cube-octameric silsesquioxanes have recently attracted increased attention as scaffolds for tailor-made bioconjugates. The expanded arsenal of effective conjugation methods (CuAAC, TEC, oxime ligation) allows one to decorate these nanoparticles bearing up to eight addressable organic substituents, with a wide range […]

Polyetlectrolye multilayer deposition on nickel modified with self-assembled monolayers of organophosphonic acids for biomaterials : electrochemical and spectroscopic evaluation

Sébastien Devillers, Jean-François Lemineur, V. S. Dilimon, Bastien Barthélémy, Joseph Delhalle, and Zineb Mekhalif. Abstract ABSTRACT: Layer-by-layer assembly of polyelectrolytes is an efficient method for the formation of functional thin films with the prospect of biomedical applications. Polyethyleneimine (PEI) is commonly used as an adhesion promoter but has been shown to be potentially cytotoxic and […]