Smoothly Tunable Surface Properties of Aluminum Oxide Core−Shell Nanoparticles By A Mixed-Ligand Approach

Luis Portilla and Marcus Halik Abstract We present a facile solution-based procedure for tailoring the surface properties of aluminum oxide nanoparticles (AlOx-NPs) by the formation of tunable core–shell systems with self-assembled monolayers. By employing chained molecules with a phosphonic acid anchor group and either hydrophobic or hydrophilic chains the surface properties of the nanoparticles change […]

Stability of (Bio)Functionalized Porous Aluminum Oxide

Aline Debrassi, Angela Ribbera, Willem M. de Vos, Tom Wennekes, and Han Zuilhof. Abstract Porous aluminum oxide (PAO), a nanostructured support for, among others, culturing microorganisms, was chemically modified in order to attach biomolecules that can selectively interact with target bacteria. We present the first comprehensive study of monolayer-modified PAO using conditions that are relevant […]