Driving forces for the self-assembly of graphene oxide on organic monolayers

Johannes Kirschner, Zhenxing Wang, Siegfried Eigler, Han-Peter Steinrück, Christof M. Jäger, Timothy Clark, Andreas Hirsch and Marcus Halik Abstract Graphene oxide (GO) flakes were self-assembled from solution on surfaces of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs), varying in the chemical structure of their head groups. The coverage density of GO relates to strength of attractive interaction, which is […]

Smoothly Tunable Surface Properties of Aluminum Oxide Core−Shell Nanoparticles By A Mixed-Ligand Approach

Luis Portilla and Marcus Halik Abstract We present a facile solution-based procedure for tailoring the surface properties of aluminum oxide nanoparticles (AlOx-NPs) by the formation of tunable core–shell systems with self-assembled monolayers. By employing chained molecules with a phosphonic acid anchor group and either hydrophobic or hydrophilic chains the surface properties of the nanoparticles change […]