The Purchasable Chemical Space: A Detailed Picture

Xavier Lucas, Björn A. Grüning, Stefan Bleher, and Stefan Günther Abstract The screening of a reduced yet diverse and synthesizable region of the chemical space is a critical step in drug discovery. The ZINC database is nowadays routinely used to freely access and screen millions of commercially available compounds. We collected ∼125 million compounds from […]

Barnacle Larvae Exploring Surfaces with Variable Hydrophilicity: Influence of Morphology and Adhesion of “Footprint” Proteins by AFM

Shifeng Guo, Sreenivasa Reddy Puniredd, Dominik Jaczewski, Serina Siew Chen Lee, Serena Lay Ming Teo, Tao He, Xiaoying Zhu, and G. Julius Vansco Abstract Interaction forces of adhesive proteins employed by cyprid larvae of Amphibalanus amphitrite for temporary attachment during surface exploration in marine fouling were studied by AFM force spectroscopy using chemically modified, reactive […]