The mutual influence of surface energy and substrate temperature on the saturation mobility in organic semiconductors

Marco Sarcletti, Thomas Schmaltz, Marcus Halik Abstract We report on a mutual correlation between the substrate temperature during semiconductor deposition and the surface energy of the gate dielectric on the charge carrier mobility in bottom gate top contact organic field effect transistors (OFETs) with N,N′-diphenyl-3,4,9,10-perylene tetracarboxylic diimide (DP-PDI) as organic semiconductor. The gate dielectric consists […]

Barnacle Larvae Exploring Surfaces with Variable Hydrophilicity: Influence of Morphology and Adhesion of “Footprint” Proteins by AFM

Shifeng Guo, Sreenivasa Reddy Puniredd, Dominik Jaczewski, Serina Siew Chen Lee, Serena Lay Ming Teo, Tao He, Xiaoying Zhu, and G. Julius Vansco Abstract Interaction forces of adhesive proteins employed by cyprid larvae of Amphibalanus amphitrite for temporary attachment during surface exploration in marine fouling were studied by AFM force spectroscopy using chemically modified, reactive […]

Study ofWet Surface Activation Routes to Enable the Deposition of Monomolecular Organic Thin Films on k 2.0 Porous Dielectrics

S. Armini, J. Loyo Prado, M. Krishtab, T. Conard, J. Meersschaut, Q. T. Le, P. Verdonck, and M. R. Baklanov Abstract This paper explores the effects of different wet surface treatments on low dielectric constant (low-k) materials and the consequences for the growth behavior of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) from 11-cyanoundecyltrichlorosilane precursor on these modified substrates. […]

Antiadhesive activity of ulvan polysaccharides covalently immobilized onto titanium surface

Virginie Gadenne, Laurent Lebrun, Thierry Jouenne, Pascal Thebault. Abstract Bacterial adhesion leading to biofilm formation on the surface of implants is responsible for pathogenesis infections. One promising strategy to reduce the risk of infection consists of modifying implant surfaces by antibacterial coating. In the present study, the ability of ulvan, a non biocidal algal polysaccharide, […]