Antiadhesive activity of ulvan polysaccharides covalently immobilized onto titanium surface

Virginie Gadenne, Laurent Lebrun, Thierry Jouenne, Pascal Thebault. Abstract Bacterial adhesion leading to biofilm formation on the surface of implants is responsible for pathogenesis infections. One promising strategy to reduce the risk of infection consists of modifying implant surfaces by antibacterial coating. In the present study, the ability of ulvan, a non biocidal algal polysaccharide, […]

Development of a new parallelized, optical biosensor platform for label-free detection of autoimmunity-related antibodies

Oliver Bleher, Aline Schindler, Meng-Xin Yin, Andrew B. Holmes, Peter B. Luppa, Günter Gauglitz, Günther Proll Abstract Autoimmune diseases are characterized by the presence of autoantibodies in serum of affected patients. The heterogeneity of autoimmune relevant antigens creates a variety of different antibodies, which requires a simultaneous detection mode. For this reason, we developed a […]

Functionalization of PEGylated Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles with tetraphosphonate cavitand for biomedical application

C. Tudisco, F. Bertani, M.T. Cambria, F. Sinatra, E. Fantechi, C. Innocenti, C. Sangregorio, E. Dalcanale and G. G. Condorelli Abstract In this contribution, Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) have been functionalized with a tetraphosphonate cavitand receptor (Tiiii), capable of complexing N-monomethylated species with high selectivity, and polyethylene glycol (PEG) via click-chemistry. The grafting process is […]

Low-voltage self-assembled monolayer field-effect transistor on flexible substrates

Thomas Schmaltz, Atefeh Y. Amin, Artoem Khassanov, Timo Meyer-Friedrichsen, Hans-Georg Steinrück, Andreas Magerl, Juan José Segura, Kislon Voitchovsky ,Francesco Stellacci, and Marcus Halik. Abstract Self-assembled monolayer field-effect transistors (SAMFETs) of BTBT functionalized phosphonic acids are fabricated. The molecular design enables device operation with charge carrier mobilities up to 10−2 cm2 V−1 s−1 and for the […]